Get Your ServiceNow CMDB Under Control

Bad Data Causes Expensive Problems:

  • 85% of CMDB projects fail
  • 70% of Digital Transformation initiatives fail
  • 50% of knowledge workers’ wasted time is due to bad data

Digital Ecosystems are Dependent on Reliable and Consistent Business Data 

Daily operational activities require correctly defined and up-to-date service data. Without it, activities such as auto assignments, root cause & impact analysis, service automation, approvals and reporting are prone to failure.

Despite the importance of of correctly defined, quality data, few organizations can confidently say that their CMDB is entirely up to date. Without active maintenance, data will degrade over time.

Data Models are Needed

To get the most out of the Now Platform and use out-of-the-box functionalities, ServiceNow customers need to follow standard data models such as the Common Service Data Model (CSDM) and data needs to be of acceptable quality. 


Data Content Manager is a visual tool that covers the entire data management process from data diagrams planning to data audits & remediation. DCM is used to ensure that the agreed data models are being followed and to easily spot data deviations. A typical use-case for DCM is a CSDM implementation.

DCM runs on the ServiceNow® platform.

Why CSDM is important to every ServiceNow customer?

  • ServiceNow product dependency
  • Risk of not achieving full platform value
  • Ability to mature your implementation without costly rework
  • Become part of the successful 15%

Common Service Data Model 

The Common Service Data Model (CSDM) is the best practice for CMDB data modeling and data management by ServiceNow. It’s the backbone for the ServiceNow platform and according to the CSDM white paper version 2.0 “Many ServiceNow Products depend on data defined according to this model.”

Check out our “Accelerate your CSDM Implementation with DCM” webinar on-demand and download a free CSDM content pack from the ServiceNow Store.

Key Features

Blueprint Designer
Information architects or system administrators can create and maintain datamodel diagrams on ServiceNow.
Data Content Planner
Data analysts can manage data content by making use of blueprints. The selected blueprint guides the user through the content creation process.
Data Audit
A powerful tool for continuous improvement which compares current data content against the blueprint’s rules & conditions, and reports any deviations.
Automatic task creation based on audit results assigned to responsible persons for fixing the identified deviations.
Free trial
for proof of value
1 month
unlimited blueprint versions
unlimited # of data content sets
unlimited # of data audits
1 month standard trial period
Non-Production instances
Professional package**
for Professional use
Price per month, 12 month's subscription
15 blueprint versions per package
unlimited # of data content sets
unlimited # of data audits
upgrade application versions
1 Production instance
Contact Sales
for Large scale use
Price per month, 12 month's subscription
unlimited # of blueprint versions
unlimited # of data content sets
unlimited # of data audits
upgrade application versions
1 Production instance
Contact Sales

Get Your One Month Free Trial!

  • You will have a full month to evaluate Data Content Manager with all functionality enabled.
  • You can try out an unlimited number of blueprint versions on an unlimited number of data content sets.
  • You can perform unlimited Data Audits.
  • The only limitation is that you cannot use the Free Trial in a production environment.
  • We are here to assist, if needed!

We are confident that after the Free Trial you will want to continue with DCM. Continuing is as simple as subscribing to a license. We are here to work with you to help your transition to a Professional or Unlimited license. 

If, after the Free Trial, you are not convinced DCM will by far bring more value than it costs, you simply stop using it when the Free Trial ends. There are no strings attached.  


Additional Information

DCM Wiki
The DCM Wiki contains detailed instructions for installing and using the application.
DCM YouTube Channel
Check out the DCM YouTube channel for instructional videos and other DCM content.
DCM YouTube Channel
Now Certified
DCM is a ServiceNow Certified Application and is available for Download from the 
DCM licenses
DCM has three different license types: trial, professional and unlimited.