PDMC Content pack

The Practical Data Model for CMDB

The Practical Data Model for CMDB (PDMC) is a common information model for IT service management CMDB solutions created by Justin Group Oy. The first public version of the PDMC was published in December 2019 under a creative commons license.

This “PDMC Content Pack” is an add-on for the Data Content Manager (DCM) application. The content pack includes data model (blueprint) templates for CMDB. These templates can be used with DCM to document, populate and audit data based on the graphical data models.┬áThe PDMC is a vendor-agnostic model, but this content pack includes “translated” versions of the PDMC data models to match with ServiceNow CMDB tables and structures.

The content pack also includes domains and tier structures from the PDMC model for grouping the blueprints for management and reporting purposes.