Data Content Manager

Digital ecosystems are dependent on reliable and consistent business data. Daily operational activities, such as auto assignments, root cause & impact analysis, service automation, approvals and reporting, all require correctly defined and up-to-date service data. Data Content Manager (DCM) is your Swiss Army Knife for the seamless end-to-end governing of your entire service modeling and data management process.

Data Content Manager runs on the ServiceNow® platform and is available as a Free edition for limited use. Download it free from ServiceNow Store or compare different editions here.

Key Features

Blueprint Designer
Information architects or system administrators can create and maintain datamodel diagrams on ServiceNow.

Data Content Planner
Data analysts can manage data content by making use of blueprints. The selected blueprint guides the user through the content creation process.

Data Population Wizard
An automated tool for previewing and validating data changes and updating them to the ServiceNow production tables 100% safely.

Data Audit
A powerful tool for continuous improvement which compares current data content against the blueprint’s rules & conditions, and reports any deviations.

Additional information

DCM Wiki
From DCM Wiki one can find instructions on how to install and use the application. Wiki also includes some tips and best practices.
DCM Wiki

DCM YouTube Channel
Check out the latest news and video instructions from the
DCM YouTube Channel

Now Certified
DCM application is certified by ServiceNow for many different release versions. Download the app for free from the
ServiceNow Store

DCM licenses
DCM has three different license types: free, professional and unlimited.
Read more about licenses