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In the era of digital transformation, ecosystems are dependent on reliable and consistent business data. Bad data can lead to severe issues from overall utilization of the Now Platform and decreasing ROI/VOI, to productivity, and service quality issues, not to mention customer and employee satisfaction. 

Bad data can make work, not to work for people

You may be sick of bad data and happy to find out that JustinLabs has developed a visual and clever way to manage data on the ServiceNow platform. In this webinar we will discuss the impact of bad data and how to cure it.

The Data Content Manager (DCM) is a visual and intuitive ServiceNow Store application that covers the entire data management process seamlessly and end-to-end, from data diagrams planning to data audits & validation. It significantly reduces the efforts needed for service data management and improves communication between the various stakeholders in service production value chain.

In this webinar JustinLabs’ Product Manager Mikko Juola will give you an introduction and demo of the DCM application.

Webinar is scheduled to start 10 AM (UK time) on Wednesday 8th of May 2019 (duration 1 hour).

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Mikko Juola

Mikko Juola

Mikko is the Product Manager for Data Content Manager, a NowCertified ServiceNow application.

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