Visual data models improve communications and understanding

Picture says more than 1000 words, right? And that is why it’s a good idea to draw your data requirements into pictures instead of trying to describe complicated models with rules and written definitions.

Have you ever participated in a discussion where one is talking about apples and another one about oranges, but they still agree on certain things and argue on others? When talking about system requirements, processes, required data, roles and responsibilities, or simply “how things should work”, it’s usually a good idea to start be defining what every “thing” means. What are we really talking about and how things are connected to each other. While doing that, you have suddenly created a data model that can be used as basis for functional design and process improvements.

Long story short, we have created data modelling tool on top of ServiceNow and it will dramatically help you to understand how your data should be and how it really is.

Check out the “Blueprint Designer” introduction video from our YouTube channel and request for a demo, if you want to know and discuss more on the topic.