WEBINAR: Accelerate your CSDM implementation with DCM

You are invited to a webinar about how to “Accelerate your CSDM implementation with DCM” presented by JustinLabs and ServiceNow.

Date and Time: Available on-demand [40 minutes]


The Common Service Data Model (CSDM) represents a standard and shared set of service-related definitions across the ServiceNow platform that will enable and support true service level reporting while providing prescriptive guidance on service modelling within the CMDB. These service-related definitions span the ServiceNow® product portfolio and the Now Platform®. Many ServiceNow products have a dependency on data within this data model.

In this webinar, we will explain:

  • What the Common Service Data Model (CSDM) is
  • Why is it important to every ServiceNow user and
  • How to implement the model in phases using the Data Content Manager application

Speakers for the webinar:

  • Scott Lemm, CSDM Product Manager @ServiceNow
  • Mikko Juola, DCM Product Manager @JustinLabs

Hope you enjoy the webinar!

On behalf of the event team,


Mikko Juola

Mikko Juola

Mikko is the Product Manager for Data Content Manager, a NowCertified ServiceNow application.

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